Scientist are rallying for the AFM-Telethon

AFM/Luc Morvan


Two weeks before the start of the Téléthon, 24 prominent French researchers are launching a manifesto to testify with one voice, the importance of the Telethon and the AFM’s contribution to the success of biomedical research. Just hours after its launch, 460 researchers had already joined and signed the petition.

-“The most important of our genetic research infrastructures would not have been built without the continuously innovative spirit, sometimes visionary, of the AFM.”

– “The most successful research would have had neither the power nor the impact they have shown without its decisive choices.”
-“Responsible scientists, we testify that, through the persistence and vision of the AFM, the face of our disciplines has changed profoundly.”

-“This unique experience of social cohesion around scientific research is important to us, and we consider it essential that it be preserved.”

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