Visit Genethon


Financed by AFM-Téléthon, Genethon welcomes visitors in its labs during the “Fête de la science” or the “Téléthon”.

Other visits might be organized all along the year, under certain conditions and by appointment only.

The visit:

You will be welcomed by a one of Genethon employee, trained to guide and accompany you:

  • At the DNA and cells bank which has been created in 1990 and which aim is to help the progresses of genetic researches by giving the scientific community its high level services . It is the largest European bank for genetic diseases, it works as a service provider for the medical and scientific community.
  • At the imaging plateform: Genethon has an imaging plateform capable of generating and collecting all the clinical data which allow the evaluation of the efficiency, the toxicity and the side effects of the gene therapy product.
  • In a showroom: Your guide will explain how a vector is produced, what are the needed quantities of products and what the clinical requirements are. Your guide will also broach the subject of finances associated to design and production of gene therapy drugs.

Practical guide:

  • Visits are intended for adults and youngsters over 16 (for security reasons, younger children are not allowed in the labs).
  • School groups (Senior high school- sixth form college only) are asked to register for the “Fête de le science” (in October) or for the Téléthon (December). A few visits might be organized out of those two events for students from lower sixth (11th grade) which major in science and over that level.
  • Visits are organized weekdays at 10 am or at 2 pm, by appointment and not during the French C Zone holidays.
  • A 2 hours’ time slot is required for the visit.
  • Groups are composed of no less than 10 and no more than 20 visitors; we can welcome 2 groups at the same time. (hence a maximum of 40 visitors at a time)

Please note that should visitors suffering from pathologies inducing walking difficulties, or the use of a wheelchair, be part of the group, the number of participants is largely reduced.

  • Visits requests are numerous, please anticipate well in advance ( there is a 3 months delay between the request date and the actual date of the visit).
  • For sanitary lab work linked reasons animals are not allowed in the premises. That measure also concerns help dogs.


To take an appointment or for any query,

please contact us by phone at +33 1 01 69 47 34 40.

Your request will be studied according to availabilities.



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