Discovery research

Logo Integrare WEBGenethon has partnered with Inserm, the premier French public research institute on human health and with two universities (the local University of Evry and École Pratique des Hautes Études) to create the mixed research unit UMR_S951, INTEGRARE, aiming to establish synergistic interactions and an academic research framework within the Genethon R&D department.

The unit created in January 2015 is currently headed by Anne Galy, Ph.D.

The objectives of INTEGRARE “Integrated genetic approaches in therapeutic discovery for rare diseases” are to conduct translational research on gene therapy at an excellent level, and to provide a fundamental perspective on therapeutic and technological areas of interest for Genethon.

INTEGRARE is made of laboratories with diverse fields of expertise but all use gene-based technologies to explore biological systems and pathologies of genetic origin or to design new therapies for these rare diseases.  Their gene therapy projects are translated to the clinic through the Therapeutic Programs of Genethon for blood or immune disorders, myopathies or metabolic diseases.