ADNA Program

ADNA Program (Advanced Diagnostics for New therapeutic Approches)

Supported by the French public organization Bpifrance, the ADNA Program is coordinated by the Institut Mérieux, and hopes to contribute towards the development of personalized treatments for genetically-inherited conditions, infectious diseases and cancers, by providing healthcare organizations with innovative biodiagnostic tools and new therapies. Within this program, Genethon is directing several drug development projects for neuromuscular disorders (including one project aimed at developing a gene therapy treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy using exon skipping), and several technical projects in the fields of bioproduction and biomarkers.


In December 2017, the program has come to an end. It has enabled the project partners – bioMérieux and GenoSafe in the field of diagnostics, Transgene and Genethon in the therapeutic field – to generate positive advances for patients in the treatment of infectious diseases, cancers and rare genetic diseases.