“Ocular Gene Therapy” network

Directed jointly by Genethon, Prof. José Alain Sahel from Institut de la Vision and Dr Fabienne Rolling from the UMR-S649 INSERM Laboratory “Viral vectors and in vivo gene transfer” in Nantes, this network brings together specialists selected from among the leading names in France and Switzerland.

Its goal is to identify projects with the most potential and provide them with Genethon’s resources, skills and technical platforms: know-how in cell and animal testing; preparation of clinical trial application files; and therapeutic product design and production, in line with pharmaceutical standards. It also aims to promote the sharing of experiences between project leaders.

This will speed up the preclinical and clinical development stages, and shorten the time before these treatments can be made available to patients

In addition, it may be possible to apply the scientific advances resulting from this work to common eye diseases such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration.