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Genethon becomes the first not-for-profit pharmaceutical laboratory (MyPharma editions)

The Telethon laboratory is now authorized to produce medicines (Sante magasine)

After two years of waiting, Genethon BioProd is finally certified as a pharmaceutical manufacturer (

La Gazette du Laboratoire

Genethon BioProd : A manufacturing capacity for gene therapy products which is unique in the world

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Author : S. Denis

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La Gazette du Laboratoire

New challenges for AFM-Telethon with the launch of the Biotherapies Institute for Rare Diseases which includes Genethon.

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Nature Medicine

Gene therapies advance, but some see manufacturing challenges

“Gene therapy has traveled a long and winding road to the clinic. The field famously hit a major roadblock 13 years ago when the teenager Jesse Gelsinger suffered a fatal immune reaction in response to a gene therapy product designed to correct his rare liver disease, leading to a perception…”

Author : Elie Dolgin

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Industrie Pharma

Genethon takes on more projects

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Non-profit Drugs: a first in France!

Thanks to a new decree, “Drugs for innovative therapy”, Genethon, the AFM-Telethon laboratory, will be able to commercialize products from its research. A first in the non-profit arena.

Author(s) : – E.Dal’Secco

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“Drugs for innovative therapies”: a new step for AFM-Telethon and its Genethon laboratory.

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Gene Therapy: The industrial era begins

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