Profile and Key Figures

Genethon is a non-profit biotherapy R&D organization created and funded by the Association Française contre les Myopathies(AFM-Telethon), a French association that supports patients and their families, and which organizes the country’s annual Telethon.

Its mission is to design gene therapy products for rare diseases, and to ensure their pre-clinical and clinical development in order to provide patients with access to these innovative treatments. It is an integrated R&D center ensuring translational development from research up to clinical validation, including technical innovation necessary and indispensable to these new therapies.


In 2016 Genethon had a budget of €38 million, nearly 60% funded by the AFM-Telethon.

Human Resources

In the end of 2017, nearly 200 people work at Genethon, more than 80% of whom are specialists in biotherapies and clinical development: researchers, Pharm.Ds, M.Ds, Ph.Ds, experts in quality control and regulatory affairs, engineers, etc.


  • 6,000 m² laboratories
  • In vitro and in vivo therapeutic testing platform: a functional evaluation platform (including ultrasound testing), animaging-cytometry platform (confocal, macroconfocal and biophotonic microscopy), tools and experience in molecular and physiopathological examination of isolated living cells; and a histology department.
  • The largest DNA and cell bank in Europe for human genetic disorders: 371,185 samples; 87,076 individuals; 42,380 families; 464 diseases.

Key Figures for 2016

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