1,000 researchers in schools: the second edition (November 3 to 28)

250 schools, more than 25,000 pupils reached in 2013 … In view of the success of the previous edition, the AFM-Telethon and APBG join together one more to bring the world of research in schools.

Again this year, all over France, science teachers of life and earth (SVT) of colleges and high schools invite a researcher in their classrooms.

The Program

  • Genetic diseases and the discovery of novel therapies (gene therapy, stem cells)
  • The researcher lives ,
  • The education for careers in research
  • The educational objectives of this event: to introduce young people to the recent advances in genetics and allow students to interact with a researcher.

Researchers participating in these meetings are from supported by AFM-Telethon laboratories which are at the forefront of innovation in biomedical research. A unique opportunity to highlight their work and the challenges of tomorrow’s medicine!

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The website education.telethon.fr (french)