Official Inauguration of Genethon Bioprod

Pierre Bonnaud – FOTOLIA.COM/Strikker

Stimulated by the determination of the patients, in less than 20 years, Genethon, the laboratory of the Téléthon, has become a major actor in the development of therapies which stem from a knowledge of genes.
Today, AFM (French muscular dystrophy association)‘s pioneer laboratory has taken up a new challenge of international scope: it has created the first center in the world for the production of medicines for gene therapy. This center is more than ever necessary in order to respond to the needs of scientists who are performing clinical trial in humans for rare disorders. With a production capacity never reached before, Genethon Bioprod occupies 5000 square meters of laboratories including 4 production suites. The building complex fulfils HEQ (High Environmental Quality) norms, and will be finished at the beginning of 2011 thanks to donations to the Telethon, and will start production at the end of 2011.
Taking place just before the Telethon and the publicizing of this center for the production of drugs for gene therapy which is unique in the world, this inauguration was also the occasion to celebrate Genethon’s 20th anniversary. For Frederic Revah, Genethon Bioprod is evidently “the outcome of an important stage, but also the writing of a new page in our history”.

  • See a video of the construction of Genethon Bioprod on YouTube (10 months in 2 minutes)